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Ecosystems across the globe are in steep decline. Scientists estimate that two-thirds of all species could be on the brink of extinction by the end of this century as a result. Protecting biodiversity and ecosystems benefits the entire world:

  • Biodiversity and natural resources underpin much of the global economy, including forestry, tourism, fisheries and agriculture. Half the people on the planet live in countries whose economies are entirely dependent on natural resources that are disappearing.
  • Global food security is undermined by environmental degradation and over-exploitation of natural resources.
  • Wild animals, birds and insects contribute hundreds of billions of dollars a year to world agriculture through pollination and insect control.
  • Intact forests prevent flooding and drought; healthy coral reefs and mangroves reduce coastal storm impacts.
  • Half of all prescription medicines contain ingredients derived from natural areas.

The world is interdependent, and our future and that of our children depend on a healthy environment.

Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Wildlife Conservation Society and World Wildlife Fund have formed the Alliance for Global Conservation, a partnership dedicated to protecting the world’s last natural areas and rapidly disappearing biodiversity. 

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  • Thanking Nature, For Medicine

    If someone saves your life, you want to express your gratitude however you can - a gesture, a "thank you" or somehow returning the favor. Yet when you owe your life to a plant found thousands of miles away, the task becomes much harder.As a nurse, I've known for years that many life-saving medicines come from plants and animals found around the world. But I never thought that one day I would have... Read More

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