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  • Faces of Economic Mobility

    When it comes to economic mobility, which families are likely to fare better than their parents? We invite you to explore this interactive tool as it reveals the traits of families that experience upward mobility and, conversely, those that find themselves stuck in their positions on—or falling down—the economic ladder. Read More

  • Replacement Rates by Cohort and Household Type

    Source: Panel Study of Income Dynamics Read More

  • Economic Mobility of the States

    Welcome to Economic Mobility of the States. This interactive tool captures the findings of the first analysis of Americans' economic mobility—their ability to move up or down the earnings ladder—on a state level. The study investigates Americans' mobility prospects during their prime working years—the 10-year span between ages 35-39 and 45-49. Our research focuses on individuals born between 1943... Read More

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