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Campaign for Healthy Oceans


Pew’s Campaign for Healthy Oceans is working with Congress and the Obama administration to:

  • Establish a national policy to protect, maintain and restore the health of marine ecosystems.
  • Provide a guaranteed and steady source of funding for ocean and coastal conservation and management in order to implement the new policy.
  • Ensure a national ocean policy carried out by the federal government and, to the extent possible, by the states, through comprehensive, science-based and precautionary management of marine resources.

In 2010, President Obama issued an executive order creating a National Ocean Council to oversee a unified policy of ocean stewardship, a central recommendation of the Pew Oceans Commission. The Council will coordinate among the dozens of federal agencies who are responsible for carrying out more than 140 laws affecting the health of the oceans and coasts.

Successful implementation of the national ocean policy requires better coordination between the federal government and the state, tribal and local authorities responsible for marine resources. The campaign will work with the administration to ensure that strong regional conservation objectives are identified. In particular, we focus on ecosystem protection and restoration, adaptation to climate change and ocean acidification and changing conditions in the Arctic.


Christine Fletcher

Officer, Communications