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Campaign for Healthy Oceans


Campaign for Healthy Oceans worked with Congress and the Obama administration to establish and implement a national policy to protect, maintain, and restore the health of marine ecosystems.

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  • A Sea Change

    John McMurray is a strapping fellow with a gray-salted beard who grins widely when plucking huge fish from the sea. He has been fishing for big ones since he was 10. Now 42, he runs a fishing charter boat. In July, however, he left the 33-foot One More Cast docked for the day in the Atlantic off Oceanside, NY, and went to Washington to show a Senate subcommittee a picture of his son. Read More

  • Obama Administration Announces Implementation Plan for the National Ocean Policy

    Christopher Mann, director with The Pew Charitable Trusts' environmental program, issued the following statement today in response to the federal government's release of the implementation plan for the National Ocean Policy. That policy, established by executive order in July 2010, directs federal agencies to use their authority under existing law to protect, maintain, and restore the health of... Read More

  • Federal Ocean Programs: Good for the Economy

    As illustrated by the graph below, the gross domestic product from industries that depend on the oceans far exceeds federal expenditures for ocean and coastal management by agencies such as the Department of Commerce, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of the Interior. In the current economy, it is important to make fiscally responsible choices. Investment in ocean and... Read More


Dave Bard

Officer, Communications