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The Rita Allen Foundation invests in transformative ideas and promotes breakthrough solutions to significant problems. Combining this approach with Pew’s philosophy of using the power of knowledge to solve fundamental problems leads to meaningful results. The issue the foundation tackled with Pew was a simple but essential one: finding a solution to the lack of reliable, easily accessible election information for voters. The partnership helped develop the Voting Information Project (VIP), which produced a powerful online tool that enables anyone in the United States to find his or her correct polling place, learn what is on the ballot, and navigate the local election process. 

The Rita Allen Foundation’s partnership with Pew has also allowed the project to significantly expand its reach. VIP is a free service—offering apps and tools across multiple platforms—which voters have used to look up information more than 50 million times in just the last two major elections. “We joined forces with Pew and other terrific partners and it paid off for the American voter. Using technology people rely on in their daily lives, the Voting Information Project was able to provide the tools that voters needed to get to the polls,” said Elizabeth Good Christopherson, the foundation’s president and CEO. “Coming together as funders made the project more successful than if we had tackled it alone.” 

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