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The Bertarelli family holds a deep, lifelong affinity for the oceans. Siblings Dona and Ernesto, co-chairs of the Bertarelli Foundation, are avid sailors, a passion they inherited from their father, Fabio. In their lives on the water, they have witnessed firsthand the worldwide deterioration of marine environments, particularly the effects of unsustainable fishing. At the heart of the foundation’s mission is the family’s desire to protect the oceans, and its partnership with Pew, which takes on projects that will produce lasting results, has proved to be an excellent match.

In 2012, the Bertarelli Foundation and Pew joined forces with the Rapa Nui people to work toward establishing a marine reserve surrounding Easter Island, a territory of Chile in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. “Through respectful, consensus-based collaboration with the Rapa Nui and the Chilean government, the Bertarelli Foundation and Pew will achieve an enormous victory for both the islanders and marine conservation,” says Dona Bertarelli. “The Rapa Nui will maintain their lifestyle and economy with no threat from illegal fishing vessels, and this unique ecosystem will finally be formally protected.”


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