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Pew Urges Maryland Lawmakers to Reject Chesapeake Bay Pollution Exemption Bill


CAFO chickensThe Maryland House of Delegates' Environmental Matters Committee today will hold a hearing on Senate Bill 1029, establishing the Maryland Agricultural Certainty Program. In anticipation of the hearing, Velma Smith of The Pew Charitable Trusts issued the following statement:

“The Maryland Agricultural Certainty Program would undermine the Chesapeake Bay cleanup and harm the many Maryland businesses and residents who rely on the waterway. By giving agricultural operations, including industrial meat and poultry producers, special treatment and exempting them for 10 years from any new state or local laws to protect the bay, the cleanup burden will fall to others, including municipalities and farms not participating in the program. We think that legislators should explore other ways to enact a certainty program during their summer study period, but they should reject this bill now.”

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