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Pew, Ducks Unlimited Sign 10-Year Pact for Boreal Protection


After a decade of unprecedented progress toward protecting Canada's boreal, Pew and Ducks Unlimited Inc. will extend their partnership for another 10 years and redouble efforts to safeguard the largest intact forest on earth. The work is based on a “50-50” concept that provides strict protections for half of the boreal, with sustainable standards applied to the rest. Pew and DU's effort brings together Canada's First Nations, federal, and provincial governments as well as industry to achieve bold new conservation measures, and is part of a century of U.S.-Canadian collaboration to safeguard North America's natural resources. Successes include Ontario's Far North Act, Quebec's Plan Nord, the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, establishment of the Mealy Mountains National Park in Labrador and Newfoundland, and expansion of Nahanni National Park in the Northwest Territories. Learn more about the boreal, or watch the video below.



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Andy Fisher

Senior Director, Communications