Press Release

Fisheries Council Decision on 2011 Fishing Limits


Uta Bellion, director of the Pew Environment Group's European Marine Programme and OCEAN2012 co-ordinator, issued the following statement responding to the Fisheries Council's decision on 2011 Total Allowable Catches (TACs), fishing limits.

“On a number of stocks, the Council has taken a move in the right direction. However, it must in future set fishing limits in line with scientific advice based on the precautionary and ecosystem-based approaches. Under a reformed Common Fisheries Policy, bargaining with our oceans and the livelihoods of fisheries dependent coastal communities has to stop."

OCEAN2012 would like management of European Union (EU) fisheries to:

  • Follow the Precautionary Approach as laid down in the UN Fish Stocks Agreement 1995;
  • Apply the Ecosystem-based Approach to stock management; and
  • Set long-term abundance targets for stocks that go beyond Maximum Sustainable Yield.