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Pew Disappointed by Lack of Senate Action on Offshore Energy Reform, but Hopeful for September Vote


Marilyn Heiman, director of the Pew Environment Group's offshore energy reform efforts, issued the following statement after Senator Reid announced that the Senate will not vote on the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act before the August recess. 

“Today's announcement is a disappointing response to the largest oil spill in American history.

“The Deepwater Horizon disaster took eleven lives, spewed countless millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf and devastated local economies and the environment. This has led to Senators holding more than 30 hearings, debating for nearly three months over dozens of introduced bills. Despite that effort, a minority of Senators are preventing common-sense reform.”

“This bill would fundamentally transform our nation's approach to oil and gas drilling off our coasts. It would ensure that future offshore development was science-based, used the best available technology and required thorough environmental review. There is too much at stake to move forward without these protections in place.”

“The Senate must come back in September to pass this important legislation to help ensure that America doesn't suffer through another disaster like this. The House has acted; it's time for the Senate to do the same.”

The Pew Environment Group's offshore energy reform work is now a part of Pew's Arctic Ocean Program.  

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