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Pew Environment Group on the Opening of the G-20 Talks


Today, Phyllis Cuttino, director of the Pew Environment Group's U.S. Global Warming Campaign, released the following statement on the start of the G-20 talks in Pittsburgh, PA. 

“On Tuesday, President Obama eloquently outlined why catastrophic global warming is a threat to the security and stability of each country and to people around the globe.   He promised that the United States ‘understands the gravity of the climate threat.  We are determined to act.  And we will meet our responsibility to future generations.'

“Now it's time to provide the leadership to match those words.

“With such high stakes and solemn promises, the United States must revive the stalled Copenhagen process and Pittsburgh is the place to start. 

“We applaud President Obama for indicating that he will focus the G-20 on reducing fossil-fuel subsidies. But G-20 leaders agreed earlier this summer to focus the Pittsburgh meeting on the much larger issue of mobilizing the financial resources needed to help developing nations reduce global warming pollution and adapt to unavoidable consequences of climate change.   A bold, ambitious climate finance agreement is needed to make the Pittsburgh meeting and Copenhagen negotiations a success. 

“President Obama's words and actions are being carefully watched and measured the world over.  If the United States fails to proceed other nations will use our inaction as an excuse not to move forward.  But, if President Obama provides real leadership at the G-20, the momentum coming out of Pittsburgh could carry us all the way to Copenhagen.”

Pew is no longer active in this line of work, but for more information, visit the main Pew Campaign on Global Warming page.

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