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Statement of Angela Anderson, Pew Environment Group, on the Opening of the Poznan Climate Talks


Today, Angela Anderson, Director of the Pew Environment Group's International Global Warming Campaign, issued the following statement on the opening of the Poznan climate talks.  At this meeting, more than 190 nations are negotiating a new global treaty to curb global warming pollution that will replace the Kyoto Protocol.  The meeting runs from December 1 to December 12.

“This meeting will be a test of the world's commitment to solving global warming.  Delegates may be tempted to use economic uncertainty as an excuse to delay much needed tough decisions.  That must not happen. Leaders need to demonstrate that they are capable of forward-looking decisions that will lessen our dependence on oil and create a new energy economy globally.

“President-elect Obama has pledged to sign mandatory climate limits into law and has promised to reengage constructively in these negotiations.  World leaders cannot use the U.S. presidential transition as an excuse to do nothing. 

“In Poznan, the outline of the Copenhagen agreement needs to emerge. Last year in Bali, all nations agreed to focus their talks on a shared vision for climate action that would be built on mitigation, adaptation, technology and finance. Progress needs to be made in all these areas.

“Developing countries have been true to their word since Bali.  They have advanced measures to reduce emissions from deforestation and put forth specific recommendations on technology and financing that can lead to cleaner economic development worldwide.  Now, it is time for the industrialized countries to begin putting their cards on the table.”

The Pew Environment Group is the conservation arm of The Pew Charitable Trusts, a non-governmental organization headquartered in the United States that applies a rigorous, analytical approach to improving public policy, informing the public and stimulating civic life.

Pew is no longer active in this line of work, but for more information, visit the main Pew Campaign on Global Warming page.

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