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Pew Environment Group Welcomes Commissioner Joe Borg's Launch of a Full Review of the Common Fisheries Policy


Uta Bellion, Director of the EU Marine Programme of the Pew Environment Group, issued this statement in response to Commissioner Borg's proposal on Wednesday for a full review of the Common Fisheries Policy:

"The Pew Environment Group welcomes the Commission's timely and encouraging proposal for a full review of the Common Fisheries Policy. With 88% of assessed Community fish stocks considered overfished, with a number of stocks on the verge of collapse, and with a third of shark and ray species in Community waters threatened with extinction, this initiative may be just in time to enable the long-term sustainability of European fisheries. The Pew Environment Group will support the review process, and will work with EU member states to put environmental sustainability, and the long-term viability of fish stocks, at the heart of the CFP review."

In particular, the Pew EU Marine Programme is focussing on a number of issues which should be included in the review of the CFP:
1. Reducing overcapacity of the EU fishing fleet with special emphasis on reducing harmful and energy-intensive fishing vessels, gears and practices;
2. Decoupling environmentally harmful subsidies and redirecting them towards sustainability; and
3. Ensuring that catch limits follow scientific advice.

Note to the Editor:
On Wednesday 17th September the Commission endorsed a proposal by Commissioner Borg concerning a full review of the Common Fisheries Policy: Read Europa press release.

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