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Two Bills for Colorado Wilderness Introduced in Congress


Two important wilderness measures were introduced by Colorado lawmakers yesterday to protect more of the Centennial State's wild public land.  The Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area and Dominguez Canyon Wilderness Act, introduced by Senator Ken Salazar and Representative John Salazar, will create the approximately 200,000-acre Dominguez-Escalante Canyons National Conservation Area, which includes the more than 66,000-acre Dominguez Canyon Wilderness area.  Senator Salazar also introduced legislation to protect nearly 20,000 acres in Colorado's Browns Canyon―one of the last pristine canyons in the state.

“Momentum continues to build across the country for protection of more of America's wild public lands as wilderness,” said Marcia Argust, Washington Representative for the Campaign for America's Wilderness.  “The  Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area and Dominguez Canyon Wilderness Area Act will help ensure enduring protection for the stunning canyons, cliffs, streams and waterfalls of the Dominguez Canyon  region, healthy habitat for desert big horn sheep, bears, deer, and a variety of birds, and the preservation of rock art and other artifacts from ancient native civilizations.  Credit goes to Sen. Salazar, working with Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) and members of the House delegation, for creating a broad-based constituency for protecting public lands in Colorado.”

“As we kick off the summer this weekend, Coloradoans and all Americans have much to celebrate.  These two conservation bills will help guarantee that special places like the Dominguez Canyons area and Browns Canyon― the busiest stretch of the Arkansas River―will stay forever as they are today.”

Both measures have broad backing from a diverse coalition of local stakeholders, including elected officials, sportsmen, the business community, conservationists, and bicycle groups.

“Thanks to strong leadership from every part of these diverse coalitions, some of the best of Colorado's wild public lands―America's common ground―will be enjoyed by generations to come,” Argust added.

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