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Statement On Today's Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hearing on Mining Reform


Today the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee heard testimony from a broad set of interests on the need for reform of the 1872 Mining Law.

“We are pleased that the effort to modernize the nation's Civil War era mining law will now take center stage in the U.S. Senate. Last year the House developed a solid reform package, and we're confident that Senators Bingaman and Domenici will use their leadership roles to develop a fair and reasonable bill that will protect our nation's water resources, taxpayers and special places.

“Since Congress seriously addressed this issue more than a decade ago, support for reform has intensified. More than a dozen mining-related sites have been placed on Superfund lists since then, and growing numbers of communities across the West have faced mining bankruptcies and toxic pollution.

“The diverse voices testifying before Congress today demonstrate that this is no longer a parochial issue for a handful of industry leaders and their political allies. These stakeholders are calling for water protection, a fair royalty and the right to protect America's special places.


“It's up to the Senate leadership to produce a modern framework for mining that protects taxpayers and the environment. We all have a stake in their success.”The Pew Campaign for Responsible Mining is a national effort of The Pew Charitable Trusts, to educate and encourage the public and policymakers to adopt a modern framework for mining in the West. The Pew Campaign is working with a diverse group of stakeholders toward responsible reform to reclaim our public lands for future generations.

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