Good on Ya, Mate! Australia Protects Incredibly Big Ocean Area


Publication: The Huffington Post

Co-written by Michael Misner

The Australian government has formed the world's largest network of ocean reserves. The network is anchored by a massive reserve in the Coral Sea. As we say, "Go you, Aussies."

The Coral Sea reserve includes a sprawling no-take zone a little under the size of Spain, or the combined sizes of California and Maine. As "no-take" implies, there will be no fishing, mining, or drilling allowed in these waters.

The other part of the Coral Sea reserve, nearly half of the total 386,100 square miles (1 million square kilometers), allows some activities including fishing.


Making marine conservation history is no small feat. Credit goes to the Australian government, Pew Oceans Program, and a coalition of 15 Australian and international conservation groups. It is about collaboration and a good dose of determination fueling plenty of work by these organizations. In a modern campaign effort orchestrated by the coalition, nearly half a million people in Australia and globally publicly voiced their support online for these ocean protections.

Everyone involved deserves the firm handshake, the kudos, and the satisfaction of being part of positive ocean change. Together they have provided refreshing hope.

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