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  • How States Can Make the Most of Their Rainy Day Funds

    To minimize the need for uncomfortable choices between raising taxes or cutting spending, 48 states have created budget stabilization funds—rainy day funds—that take advantage of boom times by directing surplus revenue into savings that can offset future shortfalls. However, many of these funds lack rules to effectively smooth the ups and downs in revenue. Designing a robust fund, and... Read More

  • Building Additional Serious Illness Measures Into Medicare Programs

    The US health care system is not delivering the care that patients with serious illness need and want. For example, although most people say they would like to die at home, nearly 70 percent die in nursing homes, intensive care units, or other medical settings. Given that approximately 70 percent of people who die in the United States each year are Medicare beneficiaries, the new administration... Read More

  • How to Invent the Future

    • Opinion

    The future is not fixed. It is not a set point over the horizon that we are all running toward, helpless to do anything about it. The future is built every day by the actions of people.  Read More

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