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  • Help Medicare Stem Opioid Overdoses

    In a political climate in which the two major parties don’t always see eye to eye, one issue is bringing them together. Republicans and Democrats agree that we must address the tragedy of prescription drug abuse. With 44 people dying every day from overdoses of oxycodone, hydrocodone, and similar opioid pain relievers, recognition is growing that misuse of these drugs is a complex disease... Read More

  • Overdraft Is a Service in Need of Reform

    Should the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) propose new rules aimed at making checking account overdraft policies at banks and other depository institutions safer and more transparent? Some banking industry representatives are questioning the need for CFPB action (“Consumers Lose if CFPB Overshoots on Overdraft,” BankThink, Nov. 10, 2015), but research by The Pew Charitable... Read More

  • Regulators Should Let Banks Get Back to Small-Dollar Loans

    The payday loan market is past due for reform. Implemented correctly, new regulatory standards will help payday loan borrowers by making these loans safer and more affordable, as well as pave the way for better, lower-cost installment loans from banks. Read More

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