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  • No Simple Story About Tax Bill’s Impact on States

    Now that last year’s tax overhaul is the law of the land, its impact is spilling out beyond the nation’s capital to state governments. While the law is certain to affect state finances, the details are complicated and vary by state, and the effect on any given state remains to be seen. To help clarify this tangled set of issues, here are two key considerations for states as they take... Read More

  • The Urgent Need for Antibiotic Innovation

    And antibiotics do far more than simply cure infections; they safeguard almost every aspect of modern medicine. Without effective antibiotics, procedures we take for granted today—including chemotherapy, joint replacement surgery, kidney dialysis, organ transplants, and many more—would be too risky to undertake. Read More

  • Retirement Plans: Part of a Better Financial Future in Pennsylvania

    Retirement income from a variety of sources—including Social Security, personal savings, and employer-sponsored savings plans—ensures a sound financial future. But for many Americans, a part of this puzzle is missing. More than a third of all private sector workers lack access to a workplace plan—and 31 percent of those whose employers do offer retirement benefits don’t... Read More

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