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  • Congress, Help Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

    Prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic, with 16,000 people dying in the United States each year from overdoses of prescription pain relievers. In 2011, the most recent year for which reliable data exist, nearly a quarter of a million Medicare beneficiaries took potentially life-threatening doses of these drugs for extended periods.  Read More

  • Renewable Energy, Smart Energy Policy

    On Tuesday, just hours before the start of Earth Day, Congress showed there is bipartisan support for smart energy policy. By voice vote, the House of Representatives passed the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015, which mandates energy efficiency improvements through stronger residential and commercial building codes and other means. The Senate passed the measure in March and it now goes... Read More

  • An Ocean's Bounty

    The government of Britain recently announced the designation of the world's largest marine reserve in the waters surrounding Pitcairn Island, a British overseas territory in the South Pacific. One of the remotest populated islands in the world, Pitcairn is best known as the final refuge of mutineers who, on April 28, 1789, seized control of the HMS Bounty, a British naval vessel on a mission to... Read More

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