NGOs warn MEPs of proposed first reading agreement on EMFF


To: Heads of delegation and other Members of the European Parliament

Subject: Fisheries Subsidies – ensuring full consideration in plenary

Dear Member of Parliament,

I am writing to encourage you, as head of delegation, to urge Fisheries Committee members of your group to put their report on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, EMFF, to plenary for a full first reading.

There are reports that the EPP rapporteur Alain Cadec is planning to seek a mandate from the Fisheries Committee to negotiate a first reading agreement with the Council. This would by-pass the opportunity of a plenary position on this important issue, which is relevant beyond the field of just fisheries management.

As a proposal on the allocation of public monies, the EMFF merits the consideration of all Members of the European Parliament in a plenary debate and vote. A number of the compromise amendments that the Fisheries Committee will consider on July 10th are highly controversial. They include proposals to re-introduce subsidies for vessel construction which are not in line with amendments from the Opinion Committees. Also, subsidies to build new vessels have been proven to contribute to overfishing. They were phased out by the 2002 reform of the Common Fisheries Policy and reintroducing them would contradict the EU’s Rio+20 commitments and undermine its position in the WTO negotiations.

The European Parliament has emphasised the importance of completing the full legislative process of two readings, with the involvement of plenary, especially when determining how public monies are spent. Please urge your colleagues to support a full first reading and to reject any attempt to bypass a full debate on this important proposal.

Yours sincerely,

Cathrine Schirmer
OCEAN2012 +32 (0)483 66 69 67 cschirmer@pewtrusts.org

Letters from around Europe

Letter from Birdlife, Greenpeace, Oceana, OCEAN2012 and WWF sent to all all EMFF opinion committees and the Agriculture and the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament


OCEAN2012 wrote to all Members of the European Parliament for France including the following heads of delegation:

  • Catherine Trautmann, S&D head of delegation
  • Corinne Lepage, ALDE head of delegation and member of the ENVI Committee
  • Patrick le Hyaric, GUE head of delegation and member of the PECH Committee
  • Jean-Pierre Audy, EPP head of delegation
  • Michèle Rivasi, GREEN head of delegation and member of the ENVI Committee

Read the letter (PDF)


Collectif Bar Européen and LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux) also asked their members to write to the above heads of delegation.


OCEAN2012 member group MEDASSET wrote to:


The following letters were sent from OCEAN2012 and Irish NGOs to:

Birdwatch Ireland also wrote separately to all the above.


OCEAN2012 wrote on behalf of its Polish member groups to:



OCEAN2012 member groups wrote to:



OCEAN2012 wrote on behalf of 26 Spanish member groups to:


United Kingdom

Blue Ventures wrote to all UK heads of delegation (PDF)

  • Richard Ashworth, ECR head of delegation
  • Fiona Hall, ALDE head of delegation
  • Glenis Willmott, S&D head of delegation
  • Nigel Farage, EFD head of delegation


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