Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers

  • Director
  • Human Health and Industrial Farming,
  • The Pew Charitable Trusts


Laura Rogers directs Pew's campaign on human health and industrial farming, an initiative that seeks to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics by phasing out the overuse and misuse of the drugs in food animal production. She has nearly 20 years' experience in advocacy, public relations, crisis communications, marketing, brand management, and fundraising.

Her previous experience includes serving as vice president for the Communications Consortium Media Center where she managed projects related to women’s equality, global population, and children, family, and work issues. Rogers also worked as director of communications for the United Nations Foundation, developing and directing communications and marketing strategies for the foundation’s five priority areas: the United Nations; Children’s Health; Women & Population; Environment; and Peace, Security and Human Rights.

Her background also includes working for several United Way Organizations across the United States, including the third largest chapter and the national office. During her United Way tenure, she served by appointment on the management team that coordinated the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay with the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games and the Coca-Cola Company. She also worked as an editor for the Palm Beach Post.

Laura Rogers graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a B.A. in Journalism.

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